Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company, ADMA-OPCO in brief, is a major producer of oil and gas from the offshore areas of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Company prides itself in being a pioneering petroleum organisation in this part of the world, having completed over 45 years of oil and gas production.  

The story of ADMA-OPCO and its progression over the years is reflected in the phenomenal transformation of Abu Dhabi itself from an island characterised by simple dwellings, with fishing and pearl-diving as the main source of living, to a modern cosmopolitan city, encompassing multi- faceted businesses.  

In the early days, surveys carried out by oil companies revealed the existence of oil in huge commercial quantities in the seabed of two oil-bearing fields: Umm Shaif and Zakum.The two fields became major oil and gas producers, yielding hydrocarbons for more than 48 years, and up to the present time.  

Over those years, the Company underwent substantial changes, in terms of both its scope of operations and its manpower. It has, at the same time, managed to strike a balance between introducing the latest technology and the necessity of training its workforce to use it.


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