Mohamed, Field Production Superintendent

As Production Superintendent at Total ABK, Mohamed has a direct impact on environmental safety and marine ecology and plays an active role when a facility or platform has to be abandoned due to immiment danger to the crew and/or facility. He also plays a key role in emergency incident control as a permanent member of the offshore emergency response team.

Sustainable Development, a True Ambition

Right after graduating from ADNOC Technical Institute (ATI) in 1995, Mohamed joined Total Al Bukhoosh (Total ABK) as a trainee junior operator, fulfilling his long-standing goal of working at an international company. His ultimate goal was to become Production Superintendent. After a period of demanding responsibilities, in 1997 he qualified as a Junior Operator on oil and gas plants, production platforms (PP) and gas lift platforms (GLP). 

Further Training, Effective Performance 

Mohamed worked as an operator at the Khuff Production Platform (KPP), an offshore gas facility, from 1999-2000. Total ABK then paid for him to go back to school, at Abu Dhabi Men’s College, to further his studies on gas production and processes. Over the next four years, he rose to the position of Distributed Control System Operator (DCS). In 2005, Mohamed was sent to France for special training in Advanced Production Technology (SPTP), in which he excelled, and was promoted to the position of Shift Supervisor. 

To Africa and Back 

In 2008, Mohamed was given the challenging opportunity of working in Angola as Shutdown and Start-up Coordinator on two deepwater FPSOs — Dalia and Girassol — in 2010-2011. This experience brought him in contact with the latest technology and an interesting and diversified working enviroment. A year later, he returned to the Total ABK field as Production Superintendent and Deputy Representative RSES (Responsible for Safety and Environment on Site). 


U.A.E. National, a Success Story

Short Resume

  • From National to International

    When Mohamed joined Total ABK as a trainee junior operator, his ultimate goal was to become Production Superintendent. And that’s exactly what happened. But his story doesn't end there: with an international team behind him, he was recently promoted to Si

  • 2011 to present

    Field Production Superintendent, Total ABK

  • 2003

    Production Shift Supervisor

  • 1996

    Production Platform Operator

  • 1995

    Joined Total Abu Al Bukhoosh as a trainee operator

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