06/29/2015 - News

Total partners with Environment Agency Abu Dhabi for Dugong Conservation

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) , Total E & P United Arab Emirates and Total Abu Al Bukhoosh renewed their partnership  in the  EAD’s Dugong Conservation programme for a further 3 years.

TEP UAE and TABK have been  partners with EAD since 1999,  as part of the Dugong Conservation & Research  program aimed at  helping to protect the dugong, a large marine mammal at risk of extinction.

This initiative is part of the company’s effort to conserve the environment of its host country and collaborate with the local authorities, such as EAD, who are in partnership with local and international organizations.

Hatem Nusibeh, President Total E&P United Arab Emirates and Group Representative in the UAE said that “Total is committed to create a better environment wherever it operates. In the UAE, over the past nine years our partnership with EAD has helped the Dugong conservation project grow with sustained interest. With emphasis on educating the local community, we are confident that this combined effort will prove successful to the continued growth of the Dugong population in the region. In addition, I would like to thank the EAD for its continuous awareness campaigns targeted towards youth and students communities which are creating environmental interest contributing to the long term protection plans for the region”.

Amer Al Shaikh Ali, Chief Executive Officer, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh said: “At Total Abu Al Bukhoosh, we are proud to be associated with EAD in the conservation of Dugong. We have considered it as one of our key social responsibility activity. We will continue our joint efforts with Total and EAD to protect conserve and manage Dugong habitats to maintain a healthy growth rate. Raising more awareness on Dugongs in the regions is therefore a significant challenge for their protection and we should strive to achieve this”.