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Sultan – Empowered Emirati, synergizing visions of Total and the UAE

To passionately develop diverse human capital, to envisage social innovations aligned to the priorities of the UAE and Total, and to convert them into success stories during his journey with Total speak volumes about Sultan, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Total E&P UAE.

Developing Human Capital

Sultan joined Total Abu Al Bukhoosh in 1983 as an HR Officer and went through the usual career development program with unusual excellence. Managing diverse manpower of 40+ nationalities in an offshore oil and gas producing company was a challenge met with ease. Sultan ensured that this Total subsidiary remained aligned with the priorities of the UAE and Total in the area of developing Emiratis. He had a deep understanding of Total’s international reach and opportunities where UAE nationals can be developed through training, OJT and international assignments. suited Total’s priority of “-ization”, as well that of the UAE of Emirati empowerment. Sultan’s career progressed as Deputy GM of Total ABK and to the higher orbit of the umbrella organization, Total E&P UAE. During this transition, Sultan also increased his expertise in the areas of communications, CSR, and diversity, as well as took on the responsibility of managing the Contracts and Procurement Department and the Information Technology Department.

Identifying common priorities of Total and the host country, Sultan proposed collaboration with Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) on the Dugong Conservation Program, which has been running with Total’s support exclusively since 1999.

In parallel to his job responsibilities in the UAE, he has been a representative of the UAE - Total Employees Shareholders and Total Shareholders Supervisory Board Member since 1994. He was Total Global Diversity Council Member (2004 – 2012) having an advisory and monitoring role in recommendation, promotion and implementation on diversity related subjects.

Making Innovative Concepts a Reality

Total ABK – VEDC Academy, the flagship of Total’s CSR project in the UAE since 2008, is Sultan’s brainchild where Emirati youth go through a job-oriented capacity building program for the oil and gas industry. ADNOC’s patronage and continued support for the academy conveys its significance as the principle stakeholder and the host country. This project received Special Recognition Award in ADNOC HSE Award 2012.

In addition to Sultan’s leadership, other projects have brought received much attention, such as the government-initiated Dubai Human Development Appreciation Award (2007) for Total ABK and the Best CSR Award in MENA Region (ADIPEC 2013) for the Alreyada project for Total E&P UAE.

Contributing to Stakeholders Aspirations

On the strength of his hard earned experience, creative vision and understanding of Emirati and French corporate culture, Sultan is contributing towards developing sustainable CSR projects with partner companies of Total in the UAE.

Sultan Al Hajji

“I want to dedicate my hard and honest efforts to develop Emirati talent and society by sharing the resources of Total from its global operations and bringing Total’s cutting edge technology to the UAE energy sector.”



May 2014 to present

Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Total E&P United Arab Emirates


April 2011 – April 2014

Vice President – Institutional Development, Total E&P United Arab Emirates


January 2005 - March 2011

Deputy General Manager, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh


July 1985 – December 2004

Human Resources Manager, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh


August 1983 – June 1985

Human Resources Officer, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh